How It Works

The Flexy Paw attaches to most smart phones and tablets used in today's market. The Flexible arm allows you to adjust it for the perfect angle and utlize the front and rear camera of your device. Whether you're taking a selfie or a portrait of your pet, it makes it convenient so you don't have to detach the Flexy Paw. 

How to Clip Flexy12.png

Slide on the Flexy Paw

Simply slide the Flexy Paw onto your device. The clip is designed to fit most smart phones and tablets used in today's market,  

How to Clip Treat12.png

Clip on your Pets' favorite Treat or Toy

The unique clip design allows you to attach your pets' favorite treat or toy, up to 1/2" thick. Your Dog will beg you for its favorite treat and gaze into the Flexy Paw without knowing that it's posing for the camera.



You can POP ON OR OFF the neck joints for different camera angles. Get creative with your photos and have your pet pose like a real model. 


How to Clip Selfie12.png

Adjust the arm for a Selfie or Portrait!

All you have to do is adjust the Flexible Arm for a selfie or portrait and SNAP AWAY. The flexible arm will allow you to adjust to the perfect angle for your pet and allow you to get creative with your photos.