flexy paw story



Paw Champs is a specialty store for pets and pet lovers! We created the infamous "Flexy Paw" so we could take photos of our own pets! We tried everything we could to get our pets' attention and realized how much of a hassle it was to get that perfect shot... Flexy Paw was designed to capture the PAWFECT picture without any struggle or help from others. Our pets ignored the constant name calling and would run away once they saw the phone, but they never ignored their favorite treats or toys. Flexy Paw can be used for pets of all kinds: dogs, cats, reptiles, pigs, birds, ferrets... the list goes on. Just clip on their favorite treat or toy and snap away!

 We are passionate about our pets and we aim to provide the highest quality product and service for you and your pets. Our pets are our best friends and we want to help you capture their best moments!